Where my heart lies

“Close your eyes, Fall in love, Stay there” -Rumi

Where do I begin to fail myself
every word defiling upon purity itself

Heart so warm melts thy from sky
Raining down kindness of life as heavens cry

Snow of that cheek are stars at day
light so beautiful for the sun to slay

Lips that have kissed the blood moon shy
eclipse of those lips are forever thy allay

Stars from the universe of your eyes might
a sea of wonder and the ark of night

Hair of silk-ed clouds blinded thy sight
lost in this maze to find night’s twilight

That smile is not mortal as the angels describe
cast away the envious they know nothing alike

Throw away the sack of sadness for joy
accept thy for happiness and never toy

We fade like the wind to conquer this love
some days spilled ink turn memory a dove


“She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is woman, and therefore to be won” -Shakespeare

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” -Shakespeare


Drift of Melody

Music is for the soul to disappear
Traveling into the bliss of a road unknown
Moments to eternity fulfilling the gloomy dark
Every touch igniting the sun within
Every beat pumping my blood, trembling my soul
Left alone to rot, betrayed by your conscience
Mislead to know what you will achieve
We all look for our spirit and existence
But then I forgot my existence anyways
I became the dew drop falling in the cold
Frozen and drifted never to touch the ground
I became the sand slipping down the hill
Dried out and left to waste and wither
Then my angels charmed me so damp
I willingly took the water and drowned

I have sunken deep enough for any return

Wounded Veteran

“You are not a drop in the ocean, You are the entire ocean in a drop” -Rumi

Fix the fiery fragile fantasy of thy heart
Escalate this ecstasy to this distant path

Stripped out, peeled away with brutality
for faith had forgotten trust only cruelty

From every speck of hope mend love
weathered away the petals of this dove

Cracked diamond walls I have forged
beauty took hold by adrenaline surged

Soft centered dying heart crimped inside
beaten yet not lost worrier forced to hide

Thy spears wont precise me now
No more this numb wounded can allow

Pulling up this wounded veteran to war
stained by blood dust of his battle ore

Indeed you have crushed my flimsy soul
Behold this incendiary from golden coal

Will still rises monstrously creaking
Hurled up this force of fire firmly reaching

As promised flames of your destruction
be patient of your choosing and deduction

Moments will fade away to memory
Ill featured creatures will know suffering

But pain be remembered as felt
Judgment be revealed, truth to be dealt

“You were born with wings, Why prefer to crawl through life?” -Rumi

Mystery of that Smile


“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred ways” -Rumi

The common happiness is not for every smile
distributed to everyone but stays to who accept it
my only excuse to escape is not knowing it
forever lasting happiness id complicated than other
yet happiness mysteriously betrays all smiles
happiness is the refuge of every heart obsessed
imperfection is all the perfection there is
happiness is a essence silent to the heart
my enlightenment is no enlightenment to what it is
for if I knew it then I would not be all the same
I’m delighted with the light eliminating the shadows
for I am happy I don’t need reason to guide it

This was my darkness and void until I saw that smile

“In your light I learn how to love” -Rumi

Life stretches yet refuses to reach satisfaction
stumble of fear yet no resistance ahead
motionless pale yet not dead at rest
powerless compulsion yet vanquisher of will
that wonder kept still yet naïve to keep
why live this uncertainty over the imminent
achieving that glance is all the gratification
burn hiding the sun only revealing is sanity
apology to this mistake only deserves gratitude
ceasing time is your crime and you to blame
why is thy smile so meaningful to me
strangled down pulling me towards the mist
this language of sight is universally mutual

This was my light and escape to a path with no destination

“The heart is a candle longing to be lit” -Rumi

I Have Failed

I keep on writing and keep on spilling my heart. Nothing I say and nothing I can do that has the cure for sadness in this world. I wish I had a cure for everyone’s pain. Why is that I can feel everyone’s pain and I experience that every moment in my mind. This mind will be the end of me and it will still not end on the mercy of death that I will still feel this torture. Why can’t I ignore suffering, why can’t I close my eyes? Why am I not like everyone else, most people are blessed with blindness and are saved by their selfish desires, there naïve ideas and failure to see in one another’s hearts. This world is not for me, I have failed myself. Not that I have failed in life, I have failed to understand this world.

Why is it that when you are the one with all the gifts god has given you and yet you know nothing of what you do. We have our abilities as a normal human has, we see, we hear, we feel and we have the full dominance of what we think and what we imagine. Yet with all these signs and all these gifts we fail to use them. Indeed we remain blind, deaf, expressionless and with no fear of our actions what so ever. I have a mind and that helps we to think and imagine, that not every difficult it understand, is it? So whatever we do we do it with our mind, plan things out and imagine ahead. Knowing this, imagine if a person is inflicting pain onto another person. We all know what pain feels like and no one is unaware to that fact. If you don’t imagine placing a knife on your arm and then slowly cut yourself, experience what it feels like, measure the pain with your blood and learn about pain. So as I said when a person is inflicting pain onto another person. Why is he so empty in thoughts, why can’t he imagine the pain that he is creating? How is he so normal to the pain that he is bringing? He can see the blood, he can hear his victim’s screams, he indeed can imagine his pain. Just if you were on the other side of the knife, how would you feel then! Why do we keep making evil when we know that evil is always bad.

Where did we lost our way and where did we go wrong? No one has my answer truly. The closet I have reached to the answer was discovering fear. Fear is something that actually drives and guides us. All evil is powerless but as long as it has fear at its arsenal, it will keep on defeating us. We all fear something, whatever we do or don’t do is controlled by fear. Where ever we look we can find an example in the simplest of things. Our cloths, your speech, our thoughts are all restricted by it. We fear of being judged, mocked, unloved , being left alone, being powerless and even if we have nothing to fear , we still fear that it might not stay that way. What the world needs is protection from evil and fear. The answer is simple, this answer is current no matter what you do and where ever you apply it. The answer is with Allah, the protection is with Allah. So when you fear Allah and are under his protection you need not fear anything in this world or afterworld. That is my escape. This is my answer and its okay that I have failed. It’s fine if I have failed to understand this world. I’m at peace with my Allah where I can never lose hope and I will never be disappointed.

I have tried a lot to break you, but now I’m at my end. I cannot do any more than this.

Ache of Guilt and Hope

“love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields it’s scent” -Rumi

Ache of Guilt

My heart is crushed with a burden known
I don’t breathe with compulsion nor habit
the genocide inside me brutally conquers
OH please have your mercy my lost slumber
the path only leads to my heart’s exile
anger refuses me thus alone I slaughter
OH thy demon rest my soul from suffering
was my grace stolen or was it lost in the fall
delight of heart is delicate to withstand thy
tho the wounds are numb, the guilt is agony
finding a way off my astray panic
leave me now and let me die to end
but separate what’s in your skin is heathen

background image of out of focus christmas trealight candles with space of text

“Don’t be fooled by my beauty, The light of my face comes from the candle of my spirit” -Rumi


For I am from the century of a happily forever after promised
this time has devised me to feel and in act this sorrow
this world is my chaos betraying me towards my true joy
for I wish to escape mortality’s patient prison of poison
this life is on an edge to die in honor of every hour parted
not yet in misery, I drag my sorrows with a smile of hope
the nature of eternity is not cruel but only mistaken to a vow
I have all that sadness can offer, so now I collect every joy

“with the beloved’s water of life, no illness remains in the beloved’s garden of union, no thorns remains. they say there is a window from one heart to another, how can there be a window where no wall remains” -Rumi

God the highest

Before I begin writing or before you begin reading , I would first apologize to god if what I am writing is in anyway wrong or incorrect . These are the things i have learned and confirmed , but Allah knows better. what I have written is not meant for anyone and is not intended to offend anyone , so read this with an open mind and if you don’t understand anything or find incorrect, just tell me or ask me. This is just my love to my Allah and nothing more.

“What you seek is seeking you” -Rumi

There is nothing yet dark and light
not silence nor space to exist or might

From the light emerges the highest of high
thus eternity had begun by the power of thy

Accompanied by nothing the high created
existence did not existed and time not fated

The high summoned existence, stared with water
the essence of life decided upon this matter

Overwhelmed by the high water flies
bashed by thunder, tamed by light it lies

Water becomes a cloud, cloud becomes a mirror
river mend plain, without his will doesn’t even shiver

Once the mirror reflects the high admires
high confronted with his reflection as it clears

For most beautiful existence eternity will know
universe crumbly incinerate to majesty it vows

Not enough the reflection to compliment
a great blessing is still to be implement

High collects the same light from his face
creates blessing and love from light in a star to praise

The highest situates the star to keep admiring
places it at the highest of point for existence’s curing

Now starts the first story of the book
there is always more to a tale if you will look

Curse of Destiny

“Every moment I shape my destiny with a chisel
I am a carpenter of my own soul” -Rumi

My heart is beaten yet not broken
destiny is the cruel fate man has taken

Forced to turn numb to feeling
Destiny is indeed a wound with no healing

The fallen angel cries to the heavens
Destiny is the justice to the good even

Story of the frozen rain is calm
destiny is not really on anyone’s palm

Tale of the forgotten forest is burnt
destiny is the quite monster at hunt

Voyage of the death sea is thirst
destiny is unknowingly just

Destination of the desert is a mirage
destiny long is immune to time and age

Escalation to war is no one’s fault
destiny is peaceful yet fierce assault

Majesties are dead by the poor’s plague
destiny in own is god’s play and vague

Architects of destiny are an illusion
destiny itself is greatly inhumane

Even the sun is powerless to fate
destiny is the devour-er of the late

The poet’s heavy heart is his suffering
destiny is the silent death occurring

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form” -Rumi

If someone loves you and are willing to give you all that they have , don’t grieve on what you have lost , look ahead to the hand that is offered to you and at least give them a chance instead of assuming that they will we the same as everyone else. how can you judge that this will end in pain. There is a lot of evil in this world , but that does not mean you stop trusting the good. There is no right time for anything, the right time is now. F

Fool’s Love

“the minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you, not knowing How blind that was
lovers don’t finally meet somewhere they’re in each other all along” -Rumi

To fall in love is a mistake
knowing the consequence I make

Something to haunt your past
the gloomy shadow it will cast

The moments you want to change
this feeling which is still strange

Fool love is not a moment
still naive to know what it meant

Love is a life time of moments
painful ache that cannot be foment

Love is a road without destination
the only stop it has is devastation

True love is only in hope
it is for god and no man to cope

It’s never you to blame
to this magically attractive flame

Love was a soft ambush
so patient and so gentle the push

Love is the gamble of life
peeling the surface of destiny this knife

It is unceasingly painful
yet endlessly delightful

The Silence

“Silence is the language of God, All other is poor translation” -Rumi

Deadly silence of the still
mystic horror that it fills

I fear the darkest will
need the darkness to feed my ill

I fear the blur of unknown
the silent poison I have known

Let the silence consume my soul
lost my sight to every goal

Silence’s grasp is spreading out
help me now conjure doubt

Silence is the demons rest
grim the ambush from his nest

Fear the pause of the heart
every beat is a silent art

Wait of every beat is silence’s stay
to rid the silence I only pray

Tho the silence overwhelms thy
there is no escape that will stay

For between every beat silence is best
this hungry monster aims from rest