Art of You

For what my life owe and sold this fate
Nothing worldly left that makes me sate

For long our love brawled with might and haste
Each battle stale for fierce forces laid waste

Where inferno bashed with hell to burn it’s best
Predators who shan’t devour a prey irresistible at rest

Let your breathless exhales be heard so sound
Your soul upon my fingers meant to it bound

Heart upon heart at war and peace that know no bound
Hammer every ore with love’s flame so kindly found

Dusk these dawns and set the sun to endless bliss
Let this darkness fall as magic to your every abyss

Only you to sate my state with a war this fierce at stake
So Impel every piece to be at peace with your might you take

Let your spirit not shiver or halt for the cold breeze it fought
Brushes thee gentle poison of an ache untamed you sought

Let not love ocean though haste for we may eternally drown
Safe within my care your demons may rest humbly bolted down

You are my world beyond my grasp and your art I call due
You are my pain who so delivers my words for the art of you

let your hands be my clay
I will mold my hand upon yours

let your hair be my wind
I will float within this forest of sent

let your arm be my violin
I will play in the melody with your pulse

let your spine be my sea
I will voyage beyond every keen tide

let your lips be my canvas
I will paint my passion inked with love

Make vary thy prisoned breath to sighs
For long it quavers not high or nigh to rise

Wane oh fade away to touch so intense
Surrender oh spell to siege of all sense

Let not consequence call a grave to you
Speak of what conscience may I rob from you

Thrive and yet wither to what waits way
Forgo a soul for desire to plunder and slay

So don’t best nor rest and
Give in your infinity all at once

let not curiosity creak you, for a mystery is not known for its impulse, so drown away with your infinite sea of thoughts

What can I describe, words merely bring poison to a sea of wonder. For what I can express is a sight of a weakness towards an origin along the empty creaking alley of silent darkness.
For every still or ill mystery lies a tale that is beyond recognition of the naive mind. That fails yet considers to be dominant to what has passed or what will be.
So what can be offered are fragments of perspective wasting away cruelly by time, for a description is a lie.
Words don’t give vision, they cease life, beauty or horror of that which once existed or has prevailed in such honor and yet distinguished it’s presence worthy of the attention that required the capture as a description.


While Long

I miss you. And I can’t just say that I miss you because you don’t want that. I know you are this fire that wants to be free and burn where you please. You don’t want any chains you don’t want any liability. I hope to see the world through your eyes, know what makes you happy, know what that mind thinks and where you want to be. I miss very second of you, your smile, your slight smirk and every detail of you that make up those safe expressions. Sometimes my mind wonders off and I just stand seeing you in front of me as if I could just reach out with a hand and just brush my finger down your hair to your jaws. Gently as you smile at my touch, that curled line of your lips’ smile flashes in my brain for every second that I wonder off and as for now I’m wondering and I can’t stop. I vow that nothing is more attractive than that smile in that moment. I miss everything about you. I abuse my head and cage it from any freedom, as I deploy every second of my day moving forward and not leaving any time to look back. I exhaust my thoughts and leave them dry of any thought of love or of you. But your thoughts in my head are like the annual ocean flood in a desert that flourish what is barren and grow what is dead. Yes I miss you, I’m incapable of leaving you alone. For the thousand times in a day that I abstain myself and break everything that builds within me. For whatever I do, you seem like the end of the tunnel and I’m moving within a circle. You are magic and you are fire, yet you are no illusion as I feel my flesh burn every time I hold you, you ignite me and you are the fireworks in my brain. You are another dimension for me as, you do and don’t exist, I do and don’t remember you, and my heart does and does not ache for you. Yes I miss you! Love just seems like a phenomenon that is too cliche to define what I feel, I feel longing and I feel inevitability that you are the light at the end of the way. I miss you



“Put your thoughts to sleep, Do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking.” ~Rumi

Oh moon not tendering the night
Crack clouds be torn down yet no light

Why this test of wits upon mere bliss
These stars are waiting towards abyss

These abysmal eyes pray in need
These victim of lies and guilty of greed

Oh fair pale with rose brim lips exhale
Lowered eyes fail to raise but a tale

You hide within the cloaks of night
Inevitability is the fool you fight

Kind terra has seen me every night
She sways in orbit to aid me with your light

Oh moon not burning your bright
For your appraise left these barren sight

For your warmth is when I am of use to you
With need dies the dyes of love we knew

Can’t ask a heart to yearn what is does not
Oh moon what your mind’s enigma thought

At last the brush of time will turn me old
When this flesh and soul will leave me cold


“The moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid the night” ~Rumi

Thorns Will

“The cure for the pain is in the pain”
“Suffering is a gift, In it is hidden Mercy”
“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” -Rumi

Let me walk on these thorns to you
Dew blood to paint path for all I knew

Show me nothing for my eyes are full of you
Grace a glance towards me from walls you drew

You have walked these same thorns haven’t you
So will I to get you so be true not me but to you

I know you have suffered death by love’s grasp
Turn around to hold my hand that I beg to clasp

Flawed are the ones blind to see your flairs
Can I see within you seeking the sea of tears

Why hide these oceans for gentle love to bare
Will follow you on these thorns until you hear

If you get hurt than so should I with you in all storms
Numb feet feel love for tis they won’t feel thorns

Please wake from your madness and turn to me
Your vile of true love is worth more than spilled

Know the pain infected love for your worth to me will stay
End our misery with you in my arms as I take the pain away

Immensely Blessed be they who found love here
whilst others found only thorns to endear


I will find your lost heart from its astray
I will tear down the thorns if they hurt
I will fight against fire if all it does is burn
I will bathe in the pool of pain if I must
I will be more than any one that you had
I will pick up all the pieces lost together
I will be more then you expect you can have
I will stretch away the sadness with my all
I will be, I will be and I will

I want to reach that rose surrounded by the thorns, it deserves more I think. I will go through the thorns not knowing what my pain is or does it exist. As I hold the flower I ink it red and paint to its beauty. Gently I pull it closer to myself, but careful ! I would not want to pluck it and leave it empty and thirsty. Such beauty needs to be given freedom. I raise it careful to the sunlight. See how it shines and twinkles with dew not caring about the dry winds. I am in humble love with the fragile bruiser

Bewitched Me

“when I am silent, There is a thunder hidden inside” -Rumi

I guff myself bluntly in haste why I raise my eyes here
Then I look at thy and am defeated as I never were

Why do you carry deception on your face
Face a sadness that hides within that maze

There is indeed a known tale on that lip
Cracked glass be broken with a clumsy slip

Inflicting your smile upon wounded heart
Can’t be bold, can’t be strong, can’t haul this part

The more I find an escape, the deeper I fall
Resist and further I’m away, the more it calls

Am Familiar to love but deceived by tis heart
Knowing wasn’t all for this heart aches art

Bewitched my soul in love’s chasm of charm
Haul my flesh in wolf plagued ruins unarmed

holding fire in hand as it burns me up
Can’t cast it off , can’t bare to burn it up

Feeling further and more every once we part
If this is love then how do I rip it apart

I know they don’t feel this way at all
Why i suffer sadness and not cry a call

Locking my heart in a cage trusting in God
I pray every prayer to ask what I have  flawed

Feeling nor expecting anything at all
Hope for a gift of miracle is pain in all

“When I am silent, I fall into a place there everything is music” -Rumi

Beauty Might

” OH soul, you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
of anything less, Why do you worry?
You are in truth
The Soul, of the soul, of the soul ” -Rumi


Everyone is beautiful for what they have
Every uniqueness hidden that no other has

Some have heart like a warming sunrise
Guides of light in dark where path arise

Some have anger like a hypnotic flame
Rage so pure dances to its dazzled claim

Some have a smile that make envy the stars
Hunting arrow through heart leaving scars

Some have love that can die never lost
Happiness in hopeless agony has no cost

Some have sadness deeper then the oceans
That unravish’d innocence lost in emotions

Some have immortality and love for mortality
Nothing can be more then death’s kind finality

Some have art for mind and world as canvas
Highest of all attraction of mind to madness

Some have charm that is highly temporary
Temptation and curiosity but momentary

Some have what I have a broken heart
Broken love broken finding missing part

What if you find all sorts of beauty in one?
Can’t ignore what my heart yells out all at once


Souls Have Met

“When resurrection comes, The heart that is not in love will fail the test” -Rumi

Have I known thy stranger perhaps
for I have known not remember that collapse

Bewildering to flesh and bone yet not to soul
souls knows garden to Eden where souls make stroll

Question of my soul has found enlightenment in yours
thy answer have recognized my soul for yours

From crowds before time souls have known souls
in fields of Eden love as played this role

Waiting upon eternal absolute creator of love
comes a time to send us down to flesh above

Time to imprison souls within soil made bones
handful of clay split in two to make a clone

Two souls captured in the same clay and parted
sent down two fragments lost in mortality uncharted

In constant search the souls racked with pain
in fragment without the other trenching in vain

We might be strangers but our souls are not
I have known you tis my soul you have got


“The course of true love never did run smooth”
“Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly at your service”
“Oh, how this spring of love resembleth, The uncertain glory of an April day, Which now shows all beauty of the Sun, And by and by a cloud takes all away” -Shakespeare

Where my heart lies

“Close your eyes, Fall in love, Stay there” -Rumi

Where do I begin to fail myself
every word defiling upon purity itself

Heart so warm melts thy from sky
Raining down kindness of life as heavens cry

Snow of that cheek are stars at day
light so beautiful for the sun to slay

Lips that have kissed the blood moon shy
eclipse of those lips are forever thy allay

Stars from the universe of your eyes might
a sea of wonder and the ark of night

Hair of silk-ed clouds blinded thy sight
lost in this maze to find night’s twilight

That smile is not mortal as the angels describe
cast away the envious they know nothing alike

Throw away the sack of sadness for joy
accept thy for happiness and never toy

We fade like the wind to conquer this love
some days spilled ink turn memory a dove


“She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is woman, and therefore to be won” -Shakespeare

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” -Shakespeare

Drift of Melody

Music is for the soul to disappear
Traveling into the bliss of a road unknown
Moments to eternity fulfilling the gloomy dark
Every touch igniting the sun within
Every beat pumping my blood, trembling my soul
Left alone to rot, betrayed by your conscience
Mislead to know what you will achieve
We all look for our spirit and existence
But then I forgot my existence anyways
I became the dew drop falling in the cold
Frozen and drifted never to touch the ground
I became the sand slipping down the hill
Dried out and left to waste and wither
Then my angels charmed me so damp
I willingly took the water and drowned

I have sunken deep enough for any return

Wounded Veteran

“You are not a drop in the ocean, You are the entire ocean in a drop” -Rumi

Fix the fiery fragile fantasy of thy heart
Escalate this ecstasy to this distant path

Stripped out, peeled away with brutality
for faith had forgotten trust only cruelty

From every speck of hope mend love
weathered away the petals of this dove

Cracked diamond walls I have forged
beauty took hold by adrenaline surged

Soft centered dying heart crimped inside
beaten yet not lost worrier forced to hide

Thy spears wont precise me now
No more this numb wounded can allow

Pulling up this wounded veteran to war
stained by blood dust of his battle ore

Indeed you have crushed my flimsy soul
Behold this incendiary from golden coal

Will still rises monstrously creaking
Hurled up this force of fire firmly reaching

As promised flames of your destruction
be patient of your choosing and deduction

Moments will fade away to memory
Ill featured creatures will know suffering

But pain be remembered as felt
Judgment be revealed, truth to be dealt

“You were born with wings, Why prefer to crawl through life?” -Rumi