While Long

I miss you. And I can’t just say that I miss you because you don’t want that. I know you are this fire that wants to be free and burn where you please. You don’t want any chains you don’t want any liability. I hope to see the world through your eyes, know what makes you happy, know what that mind thinks and where you want to be. I miss very second of you, your smile, your slight smirk and every detail of you that make up those safe expressions. Sometimes my mind wonders off and I just stand seeing you in front of me as if I could just reach out with a hand and just brush my finger down your hair to your jaws. Gently as you smile at my touch, that curled line of your lips’ smile flashes in my brain for every second that I wonder off and as for now I’m wondering and I can’t stop. I vow that nothing is more attractive than that smile in that moment. I miss everything about you. I abuse my head and cage it from any freedom, as I deploy every second of my day moving forward and not leaving any time to look back. I exhaust my thoughts and leave them dry of any thought of love or of you. But your thoughts in my head are like the annual ocean flood in a desert that flourish what is barren and grow what is dead. Yes I miss you, I’m incapable of leaving you alone. For the thousand times in a day that I abstain myself and break everything that builds within me. For whatever I do, you seem like the end of the tunnel and I’m moving within a circle. You are magic and you are fire, yet you are no illusion as I feel my flesh burn every time I hold you, you ignite me and you are the fireworks in my brain. You are another dimension for me as, you do and don’t exist, I do and don’t remember you, and my heart does and does not ache for you. Yes I miss you! Love just seems like a phenomenon that is too cliche to define what I feel, I feel longing and I feel inevitability that you are the light at the end of the way. I miss you