Mystery of that Smile


“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred ways” -Rumi

The common happiness is not for every smile
distributed to everyone but stays to who accept it
my only excuse to escape is not knowing it
forever lasting happiness id complicated than other
yet happiness mysteriously betrays all smiles
happiness is the refuge of every heart obsessed
imperfection is all the perfection there is
happiness is a essence silent to the heart
my enlightenment is no enlightenment to what it is
for if I knew it then I would not be all the same
I’m delighted with the light eliminating the shadows
for I am happy I don’t need reason to guide it

This was my darkness and void until I saw that smile

“In your light I learn how to love” -Rumi

Life stretches yet refuses to reach satisfaction
stumble of fear yet no resistance ahead
motionless pale yet not dead at rest
powerless compulsion yet vanquisher of will
that wonder kept still yet naïve to keep
why live this uncertainty over the imminent
achieving that glance is all the gratification
burn hiding the sun only revealing is sanity
apology to this mistake only deserves gratitude
ceasing time is your crime and you to blame
why is thy smile so meaningful to me
strangled down pulling me towards the mist
this language of sight is universally mutual

This was my light and escape to a path with no destination

“The heart is a candle longing to be lit” -Rumi


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