God the highest

Before I begin writing or before you begin reading , I would first apologize to god if what I am writing is in anyway wrong or incorrect . These are the things i have learned and confirmed , but Allah knows better. what I have written is not meant for anyone and is not intended to offend anyone , so read this with an open mind and if you don’t understand anything or find incorrect, just tell me or ask me. This is just my love to my Allah and nothing more.

“What you seek is seeking you” -Rumi

There is nothing yet dark and light
not silence nor space to exist or might

From the light emerges the highest of high
thus eternity had begun by the power of thy

Accompanied by nothing the high created
existence did not existed and time not fated

The high summoned existence, stared with water
the essence of life decided upon this matter

Overwhelmed by the high water flies
bashed by thunder, tamed by light it lies

Water becomes a cloud, cloud becomes a mirror
river mend plain, without his will doesn’t even shiver

Once the mirror reflects the high admires
high confronted with his reflection as it clears

For most beautiful existence eternity will know
universe crumbly incinerate to majesty it vows

Not enough the reflection to compliment
a great blessing is still to be implement

High collects the same light from his face
creates blessing and love from light in a star to praise

The highest situates the star to keep admiring
places it at the highest of point for existence’s curing

Now starts the first story of the book
there is always more to a tale if you will look


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