Ache of Guilt and Hope

“love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields it’s scent” -Rumi

Ache of Guilt

My heart is crushed with a burden known
I don’t breathe with compulsion nor habit
the genocide inside me brutally conquers
OH please have your mercy my lost slumber
the path only leads to my heart’s exile
anger refuses me thus alone I slaughter
OH thy demon rest my soul from suffering
was my grace stolen or was it lost in the fall
delight of heart is delicate to withstand thy
tho the wounds are numb, the guilt is agony
finding a way off my astray panic
leave me now and let me die to end
but separate what’s in your skin is heathen

background image of out of focus christmas trealight candles with space of text

“Don’t be fooled by my beauty, The light of my face comes from the candle of my spirit” -Rumi


For I am from the century of a happily forever after promised
this time has devised me to feel and in act this sorrow
this world is my chaos betraying me towards my true joy
for I wish to escape mortality’s patient prison of poison
this life is on an edge to die in honor of every hour parted
not yet in misery, I drag my sorrows with a smile of hope
the nature of eternity is not cruel but only mistaken to a vow
I have all that sadness can offer, so now I collect every joy

“with the beloved’s water of life, no illness remains in the beloved’s garden of union, no thorns remains. they say there is a window from one heart to another, how can there be a window where no wall remains” -Rumi


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